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New-NAPA-Talks-Webinars-WebNAPA offers a variety of webinars throughout the year on various topics related to the asphalt industry. These topics range from newly released industry regulations to innovative processes and technology that can benefit your company. The NAPA webinar program will deliver the information you need to the comfort of your home or office.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs)  
Participation in NAPA webinars may earn you Professional Development Hours (PDHs). PDHs are educational units used to fulfill continuing education requirements for licensure or certification. In most cases, 1 hour of participation in a webinar equals 1 PDH. Some states and certifying bodies require pre-approval of professional development hours and documentation requirements also vary, so be sure to check with your appropriate agency. You are responsible for maintaining the documentation for your PDHs. You can request a certificate of completion after you attend any of the webinars to keep for your records. 


Back to Basics Series: Maintenance and Rehabilitation
Date: Wednesday, December 6, 2:00–3:30 p.m. EST
Speakers: Brett Williams, Director of Engineering and Technical Support, NAPA; Dr. Andrew Braham, P.E., Associate Professor, College of Engineering, University of Arkansas

To ensure drivability and performance, aging infrastructure requires periodic maintenance and rehabilitation. Smart, effective, economic strategies for pavement preservation and maintenance exist, but have not always been deployed at the right time or manner. This webinar investigates different options available for maintaining asphalt pavements and why maintenance and rehabilitation are important for the industry.

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Professional Development Hours (PDHs):
Attendees will receive 1 hour of professional development for participating in this webinar.
Back to Basics Series: Funding
Date: December(Date TBD), 2:00–3:30 p.m. EST
Speaker: Joe Mahoney, University of Washington

Good roads cost money; bad roads cost more. This is true at the federal, state, and local levels. The quality and performance of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure are directly connected to available funding. This webinar will explore the history of highway funding, how it has changed over time, and the current factors that have an impact on infrastructure spending in 2018.

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Professional Development Hours (PDHs):
Attendees will receive 1.5 hours of professional development for participating in this webinar.


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